Showing your WHY behind your WHATs: Logic Models

A current theme at my College is finding the WHYs behind the WHATs– giving purpose to the things we do everyday. So often we go through the motions and forget about the intended outcomes (our whys). I never thought I’d willingly start a conversation about logic models because of our theme, but here we are…

As part of a on-going project within my division, we are developing a department logic model. This model will be used to show other groups on campus the extensive work we do and why we do it. It will hopefully also allow us to see where we fall short in linking whats to whys, and can be used in giving justification for resources and new activities.

I presented a poster on logic modeling for higher education at the Assessing Global and Intercultural Learning Conference today (3/3/2017) to introduce the concept to my colleagues. I hope to start more conversations with other departments on linking whys to whats. I also got a TON of compliments on my poster and handout (another reason why presenting information of any kind in an interesting and easy to read design is so important!).

(PS, the logic model we created from the blog photo is a result of My Rich Uncle by Barrington Research Group Inc.! 10/10 would highly recommend!)

Here is the handout from my poster: logic-model-handout


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